Anthropathologies II

Anthropathologies II considers the broad themes of body and disease, where human anatomy functions as synecdoche for body or self. Through self-portraiture, introspection, and the implication of entry points into the body, the circle operates as a point of speculation. This interrogates the relationship between bodies and disease, and creates a dialogue between the sick and the healthy.

My work reconsiders disease in our disembodied society, within the context of the history of painting. Sanitisation of illness and death has resulted in a distance between abstract notions of the body and our experience of being embodied. This has culminated in a series of self-portraits, which are inescapably gendered. Both the female body, and visual tropes of modern medicine are examined, and the circle performs both a formal and symbolic role.

It has become evident that materiality - of both the tactile body and paint - is more important than ever and the very literal stains, bleeding and leakage in my work imply damage and disease. Within the context of contemporary art, and in the wake of technologies and bio art, paint continues to play an integral role in my practice.

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