The Jacobs Podcast

I was approached to create artwork for the Jacobs Podcast, which launched at the start of 2018. I pitched a few ideas and with further conversation the client requested a digital avatar that could be featured as a logo. For the final product, I used a modified palette featuring the avatar in greyscale against a navy background.

Many digital artists paint in Photoshop, but I chose to create the artwork as a vector in Adobe Illustrator. This gives total flexibility to the client because a vector can be exported to any size, resolution or file type in the future. This is an important consideration when a design may be printed, especially at a large scale.

Sean Jacobs has also written an eBook Winners Don't Cheat: Advice For Young Australians From a Young Australian. Part history, part biography, in Winners Don't Cheat, Jacobs explores the strategies and experiences required to confront adversity and lay the foundation blocks of success in the years out of high school.